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Joe Jonas en El Hormiguero!

Aquí os traigo unas fotos de cuando Joe vino a España y apareció en el Hormiguero(:
Espero que os gusten! :D

martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Votad AHORA! :)

Os dejo la página web donde tenéis que votar por Joe (nº 13) por su "See No More" ahoraaa! ;)

Sinopsis "2 chicos, 1 elección"

Aunque no haya recibido ningún comentario pese a todas las visitas que tuve ayer al blog... os pondré la sinopsis de mi novela. La tengo también en :) pero en esa página no tengo la sinopsis :P así que esto es exclusivo!!
Cambio el nombre de la novela a "2 chicos, 1 elección" porque el 3º chico no aparece mucho ni complica las cosas... Sólo es un personaje secundario. Bueno, aquí va!
Una chica normal y corriente de un instituto normal y corriente, un chico normal y corriente del mismo instituto, amigos, traiciones, desamores, enfados... Díficil de llevar toda una vida con todos estos problemas. ____(ahí ponéis vuestro nombre) está enamorada de un chico pero luego se enamora de su amigo, no sabe a quién elegir... ¿Cómo acabará todo?

Espero que os guste la sinopsis, pondré el primer cap cuando haya un comentario o si no lo pongo mañana...
Un beso,
M'&'M (:

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Comentad si queréis novela;)

Holaaaa gente de al otro lado de la pantalla ;D
Hace tiempo empecé una novela llamada "3 chicos, 1 elección" y creo que sería una buena idea subirla. PERO, con la condición de que comenten, que el blog es un rollo sin comments ;) He habilitado los comentarios pero por si acaso pongo un chatbox :)

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Selena Gómez en el hospital.

En un momento estaba hablando sobre Justin Bieber, al rato estaba bajo el cuidado de un médico. AsA­ es, Selena fue hospitalizada después de participar en el programa de hace unas noches “The Tonight Show“.

Múltiples fuentes confirman que Selena Gómez fue trasladada de urgencia al hospital ayer por la noche, poco después de grabar una entrevista con Jay Leno. La cantante de 18 años hab­ía llegado con nauseas y dolor de cabeza y permanecía toda la noche en el nosocomio para someterse a varios exámenes.

Uno de los primeros que dieron la noticia fueron los del portal
Desde aquí­ deseamos que se recupere pronto y sabemos que todos sus fans están haciendo fuerzas para que pueda estar esplendida como siempre.

Mayday Parade, "The Silence"

Mayday Parade tiene una canción titulada como "The Silence", lo que no se sabía era que Derek (el vocalista) leyó Luna Nueva de Stephenie Meyer y se inspiró para hacer esta canción.
Os dejo la letra y el vídeo ;)

Tear in two, she lies awake,
The moon lights up the room like day
Another night she spends alone,
Without his touch of skin so cold

The blood thats running through her veins,
With every beat theres no escape,
Lost in everything she trust,
Still cant seem to get enough.

Even though the world she loves,
It wont ever be the way it was,
And his heart of stone left hers breaking.

Every night she cries and dies a little more each time,
Say you love me (you love me),
Nothing left inside
Say you love me,
And the silence will set her free.

Memories they take her back,
Every moment fades to black,
Every kiss and every taste,
She wishes time would ease her pain.

Even though the world she loves,
It wont ever be the way it was,
And her heart is weak, her hands are shaking.

Every night she cries,
And dies a little more each time,
Say you love me (you love me),
Nothing left inside,
Say you love me,
And the silence will set her free.

And every night she cries.

I dont know if i'll ever make this right,
Cause i am just so broken by the bitterness of loneliness,
And im so scared of this.
I dont know if i'll ever make this right,
Cause i am just so broken by the bitterness of loneliness,
And im so scared.

Even though the world she loves,
It wont ever be the way it was,
And his heart of stone left hers breaking.

every night she cries,
And dies a little more each time,
Say you love me (you love me),
Nothing left inside,
Say you love me,
And the silence will set her free.

(every night she cries,
Every night she cries,
The silence will set her free) 

viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Mayday Parade, "Jersey"

Últimamente me he estado fijando en las canciones de este grupo, Mayday Parade. Es un grupo muy bueno de rock y sus canciones son bastante buenas, especialmente Jersey. Esa canción tiene tiempo ya pero es bastante buena, por eso os la pongo para que la disfrutéis.


jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Chapter 2 of "I'm So Not A Pop Star"

Sam manoeuvred her bike around the mess of cars, trucks, people and stuff all over the huge driveway of the Victorio estate.

Olga bounded out of the front door. "Isn't this insane? Not only have all my relatives flown in for this party, but I think my mom's got every chef in town cooking in our backyard!"

"You sure it's okay for me to be here?" Sam asked in a hushed voice. "I mean, huge relief that the camera crew is off following Mom and Danni today, but still, I wouldn't want to do anything to embarrass you in front of all your relatives."

Hooking an arm through one of Sam's, Olga pointed with her free hand. "See that? Over by the pool, the person with the insane outfit and the neck wrap of red feathers? Recognize my little sister? Belive me, there's nothing you could do that's half as embarrassing as that."

Sam giggled as she watched skinny, gangly ten-year-old Inga Victorio strutting around in a blood-red jumpsuit with a weird scarfy-feathered-thingy floating around the neck.

"What's with the feathers?" she asked.

Olga sighed. "Not sure. Apparently Inga and her little trendoid friends have decided that anything with feathers is tasty this season."

"She better be careful of being too tasty,"Sam giggled mischievously. "From here she looks like a giant red chicken!"

After stashing Sam's bike in the Victorio's garage, the girls race-walked towards the festivities in the backyard and straight over to a long table covered from one end to the other with candy. Sam stared for a moment at all the delicious treats, before realizing that they were all odd shapes - skulls, skeletons, bones, weird stuff. Olga popped a sugar skeleton into her mouth and crunched. Sam reached for one, just as the giant red chicken jumped in her face.

"Yikes!" Sam exclaimed.

Olga turned to see why Sam yelped. "Inga!" She gestured to the crowd. "You have a hundred aunts, uncles and cousins to pester. Go flap your feathers somewhere else."
Inga ignored her sister; she stuck her nose in the air and waved around the shedding boa. Red feathers flew as she sniffed, "I'm not here to talk to you. I'm here to ask Sam if there's any chance my dearest friend Danni is going to make an appearance this afternoon." She looked directly at Sam and batted her eyelashes. "Is she? Will she? I so hope so! Danni will totally appreciate my outfit! It's a total pop-star outfit, don't you think?"
Before Sam could answer, Olga pointed across the yard. "Look, Inga! Over the swimming pool, isn't that Cousin Gabi, wearing the exact same thing?"
"She wouldn't dare!" Inga's face turned as red as her jumpsuit. She stomped off, leaving even more feathers floating around the yard.
Sam whispered to Olga, "How can that girl be so awful to you and in the same breath try to butter me up to get closer to Danni? Does she really think I don't see what's shr's doing?"

"Don't worry. Someday she'll be over Danni and then she'll dismiss you the way she does the rest of the planet," Olga whispered back.

Sam nodded. She forgot about Inga as she tured her attention to the detcorations. The Victorio's backyard had been transformed into a party paradise with flowing curtains and flowers. The outdoor fireplace had been converted into a giant altar covered with photos. Everywhere, tables were overflowing with cakes, cookies and other sweets. Coloured flags and streamers had been strung in all the trees. It was a magical scene.

"Here." Olga held out a small bread roll. "You have to try this. It's called pan de muerto, the bread of the dead. I wait all year for this stuff!"

The sugary treat melted in Sam's mouth. "Oh!" she escalimed. "That is good!"

Olga reached out and grabbed a mug. "This makes it even better. Try sipping some chocolate caliente along with the bread."

The taste of the hot, spicy chocolate crink combined with the buttery, sugary bread immediately became one of Sam's all-time favourites.

Wickedly yummy!" Sam sputtered. "I can't believe you have this party every year."

Olga nodded as she nibbled on a chocolate lollipop. "Every fall! This and Christmas are my two favourite holidays, but where Christmas is just the one day, we do Day of the Dead for three days. It's about rememberings relatives who have died, but I also love how the whole family comes together to remind us to be grateful for every single one of us." She looked across at Inga, who was barking orders at a couple of younger cousins. "Of course, it's easier to be grateful for some relatives than it's for others."

Sam chuckled. "You do have a lot of relatives. I can't imagine how it feels to be connected to so many people."

Olga's answer was cut off by her father calling Cursivaout for everyone's attention.

"Family! Familia! Damas, caballeros, niños, please come and join me here ar the family altar."

"¡Hola! Guten Tag! Hello, everyone." Mrs. V's super-cute accident always tickled Sam's ear. "Thanks to all for being here to celebrate The Day of the Dead or, as my husband says... " She took a deap breath, squeezed her eyes shut, and slowly said, "El Día de los Muertos!"

The Spanish-speaking members of the family cheered. Mr.Victorio planted a kiss on his wife's forehead. Sam looked at Olga in confusion.

"Every year my mom practises for weeks to give that welcome!" Olga explained. "She's super self-concious about speking Spanish in front of my father's family."

Sam nodded. "Oh right. You know, I never really thought about how interesting your family is, with your dad coming from Mexico, your mom from Germany, you being here in he United States-"

"And, of course, my sister coming from Mars!" Olga said under her breath.

Both Sam and Olga were stuggling to keep thier giggles under control, as Mr. Victorio continued.

"Today we celebrate family. Each of us is special and unique, yet we must never forget that as family, we all share common ancestors-"Mr. and Mrs. V stepped aside and pointed to the many photos framing the large fireplace. Mrs. Victorio prepared to speak again, but she never got the chance.

The moment was shattered by Cousin Gabi streeching at the top of her lungs. Sam couldn't understand everything she was saying because it was all in Spanish. However, she was pretty sure she heard the words for music and television... and then Danni Devine.

Panic hit like a ton of bricks. Oh, no! She recognizes me as Danni's little sister! I have to make her hush or Mrs. V is going to mega-blow and then Olga will get totally blamed!

Sam desperately asked, "Olga, how do you say shhh in Spanish?"

With a straight face, Olga replied, "Shhh."

Sam whipped back around. "Shhh! Please, Gabi! Yes, I am Danni Devine's sister, but Danni isn't here! Get that? No Danni! Please, shhh!"

The commotion got louder. Sam realized it wasn't just Gabi, all of Olga's young cousins were jumping, pointing and shouting.

Oh no! Not only were Sam's mom and sister walking across the lawn towards the entire Victorio family, but the camera crew was also with them. Michi, the young videographer, was walking sideways, the camera was firmly planted againts her eye, somehow managing to look hip and graceful at the same time. Lou, the sound guy, appeard to be out of breath as he raced alongside and tried to ensure that the microphone he was holding stayed close enough to Rose and Danni so that he could hear whatever they said.

"Sorry, Giselle!" Rose yelled out to Olga's mom. "Sorry! Don't mean to interrupt. Please continue. Everything looks absolutely lovely!"

Inga ran over to Danni! I'm unbelievably thrilled to see you! You know I'm still your biggest fan!"

Danni enjoyed the attention. "Why, Inga, you have to say the sweetests things. That's a lovely scarf."

"It's a boa," Inga gushed breathlessly. "It's the accessory of the season!"

"Nice," Danni replied, while smiling and waving to the whole group.

Inga proudly escorted Rose and Danni into the centre of the gathering. She clapped her hands and shouted, "Everyone, I want to inttoduce our very special guests."

Sam was terrified. Mrs. Victorio worked so hard to plan for her family, and now my family is stealing the spotlight.

"Mom! Danni! Sit over here next to me!" Sam pulled her sister's arm so hard that Danni almost tumbled over. "Mrs. Victorio was just about to say something.

"Oh, I'm sorry, please excuse us, Giselle," Rose excaimed as she and Danni squeezed next to Sam. "You go right ahead! We are honoured to be here to celebrate your Deadly Day-"

"Day of the Dead" Sam wispered in her mother's ear.

"Day of the Dead." Rose didn't bat an eyelash as she picked up Sam's words and kept on talking. "We are grateful for getting to share this special day with you all."

Mrs. Victorio beamed proudly. She stood tall, took in a breath to say something else in Spanish, but before she could get out a peep...

"Rose! Rose!" A man's voice blared from the front of the house. "Where are you?"

Sam looked at her mother with utter disbelief. She brought Robert? Robert!? This is the worst day ever. I'll never be invited back here again!

Rose must have picked up on the fact that Mrs. Victorio did not appreciate all the interruptions.

"I am truly sorry about this, Giselle," she said earnestly. "Our meeting was cut short, but it had been so dreadful I was too upset to drive, so Robert kindly brought us in his limo."

Mrs. Victorio politely accepted Rose's apology and waited. Once everyone was seated, the ceremony continued, but Sam was only half listening. She couldn't help but look around. It was heart-warming to see old people holding hands with little kids, teenagers leaning againts their parents, and babies being handed round for cuddles. At one point, Mr. Victorio called for Olga and Inga to join him and Mrs. V. Sam had never noticed before how much Olga looked like her father. Then, when Mr. Victorio's mother and father walked up and joined hands with their grandchildren, Sam couldn't believe how much Olga looked like her father's father! Holy guacamole, she trhought, it's so wild the way three generations of Victorios have matching dimpled chins and the exact almond eyes.

Sam glanced over at her mom and sister. It was so obvious that Rose and Danni were mother and daughter. Even though Rose had splendid black hair and Danni's was golden-blonde, the two shared the same beautiful eyes, perfectly shaped noses, and broad, thoothy smiles. Sam didn't look a thing like either one of them. Her eyes were green. Her nose looked like a mini baked potato. Her smile was cute, but it didn't seem to bear any resemblance to the rest of her family - that is, the family she knew.

Sam remembered all the times her mom had mentioned how much she looked loke her father, Daniel Devine. Suddenly, Sam found herself thinking about how much she wished she'd at least gotten to meet her father. He had died before she'd been born, so it wasn't as if not having him around was something new.

When it was time to leave, Rose gave Sam a peck on the cheek. "You look exhausted, Sweetie. I want you to ride home with us in the limo. Wait for us in the front of the garage."

By the time she reached the garage, Sam only had to wait a moment before the limo backed up next to where she was standing. Rose waved out of the window.

"Come on in, Samantha! Robert will put your bike in the trunk for you."

From inside the limo, a voice whined out, "I'll what?"

A loud silence followed by a scrowling Robert stepping out of the back of the limo and holding out slowly his hand for the bicycle. Sam handed him her bike as slowly as she possibly could. She even paused briefly when, out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of the camera crew filming the moment. Once Robert finally grabbed the bike, Sam climbed into the limo. The trunk slammed shut, Robert got back in, and the engine purred as the driver set off.

Sinking into her seat, Sam began to think back through the afternoon. "Mom?" she asked in a soft voice. "I know that we don't have contact with your side of the family because you all don't get along. I understand that - but what's about Dad's family? Are you sure there's no people on his side?"

Danni stared open-mothed at her sister. "Wowsa, Little Bit!" she exclaimed. "Where did that come from?"

Sam looked out of the window. "I was just wondering... today was so cool, and... it was awesome seeing all causins and grandparents and...I...I was just wondering."

"Samantha Sue," Rose said gently, "the past is the past. We have so many blessings in our lives now and even better stuff just around the corner. You still haven't told me how would you like your thirteenth birthday! We can do anything you want - throw a party, take a vacation, bake a cake of the side of your head!"

Robert looked up for a millisecond before shaking his head and returning his attention to yet another e-mail on his wrist-phone.

Sam's face stayed turned towards the window, but Rose thought she noticed a hint of a smile sneak onto her daughter's lips. She learned forward and patted Sam's knee.

"If that's not big enough, we can bake a cake the size of my head. And if that's not big enough, we could bake it the size of Robert's head."

Sam swung around and looked into her mother's eyes. "Please, Mom," she begged, "I know this makes you uncomfortable. But if there is anything you could tell me about Dad's family that you haven't yet - if there's anybody out there that we could meet - that would be the greatest birthday present I could ever hope for. For real!"

Rose looked over at Danni, who looked over at Robert, who looked at Rose. No one knew what to say.

"Come on, Mom," Sam pleaded. "Isn't ther anything you could tell me, any name or place, any picture or old letter, anything that might help us find some relative of Dad's out there in the whole world wide world? Please, Mom! Please?"

"Sam!" Danni cried out. "Seriously! Get a grip and chill with the whining. You're giving me a headache!"

"Okay, okay." Sam turned to her sister and spoke in hushed voice. "I'm not whining. I'm just asking."

Danni flipped a long strand of blonde hair out of her eyes. "Why ask? Mom's told us the story, like, ten billion times. Dad was an orphan who got adopted as a baby. The lady who adopted him died as he was finishing up high school, so he joined the army and then met Mom and they got married and they had me and then Dad died in a car accident just before you were born and that left you and me and Mom." She took a deep breath and put a hand on her little sister's shoulder. "Sorry, Little Bit, but it is what it is. There's just you, me and Mom. And that's it."

The limo pulled up the long, elegant driveway of the Devine's mansion and stopped in front of the house. The driver got out and walked round to open Rose's door for her. Instead of taking his hand and stepping out, Rose waved him off, reached for the handle, and slammed the door shut. "Well, that's not entirely it," Rose said softly."There are a couple of details you girls haven't heard."

Sam felt her head begin to spin. There was more? There really was?

"Please understand, I haven't shared absolutely everything because it was all so long ago and I myself am not clear on how it all fits together, and ther time passes and the details get fuzzier and fuzzier. First of all, yes, your father was orphaned as a baby, but Anna Devine, the woman who raised him, didn't officially adopt him until she was sick and knew she was close to dying; this would have been when your dad was a teenager in high school."

"Why not, Mum?" Danni asked. "Did it take her that long to decide she wanted to keep him?"

"No, sweetie," Rose replied gently. "Anna waited because it hadn't been a regular kind of adoption and she was always afraid that someone would come and take him away from her."

Sam piped up. "What do you mean, Mom? I've seen it on TV a million times. A baby is born and at the hospital they hand it over to the adopting parent and it's all good."

Rose exhaled slowly before continuing. "The thing is, Samantha, your father wasn't born in a hospital, he was born on a ship."

"What?" Danni and Sam exclaimed at the same time.

"Yup." Rose nodded. "Dear Anna Devine was on a ship travelling to the United States - she'd gone on a long trip to try and forget how lonely she was after having just lost her husband. When the ship docked in the Naples, Italy, a pregnanat lady boarded, but just after the ship sailed, the woman died giving birth to the baby - your father. It was all very sad. The captain of the ship was going to take the baby back to Italy and give him to an orphanage, but Anna decided fate had brought her and the baby togehter, so with the captain's permission she scooped him up and brought him home to America with her."

"But...but...but..." Sam had so many questions crashing around in her head, she could barely speak. "Wait! Dad was born outside the country? How could Anna bring home a baby without a passport or birth-certificate?"

Rose shrugged. "I guess she just kept making excuses. Remember, back then they didn't have computers or the internet. If a nice, well-dressed woman said the baby was hers and his papers were being mailed, I suppose people believed her."

"But...but...but, Mum," Sam stammered,"what had happened to the baby's real mother? Where was the father? Do you know anything about them?"

"Anna told your father that his birth mother was a pretty lady who spoke German; her name was Golda. Someone on the ship spoke enough German to translate what little she shared; apparently Golda was suppsed to have been trabelling with her husband, but something went wrong. Her husband had gotten lost or hurt. Wither way he was missing, so Golda planned to sail on alone and have the baby in New York, but then the baby, your daddy, decided he wanted to be born early. Golda died in childbirth. Anna was there - she named the baby Daniel, and brought him to America."

"Golda what, Mom?" Sam was bouncing in her seat with excitement. "What was Golda's last name? How old was she? What was her husband's name?"

"Samantha Sue." Rose placed her hand over her eyes. "Please, I'm begging you, bring down the intensity. This has been quite a day."

Sam bitter her lower lip and sat on her hands to control herself. She feard she was going to burst with curiosity.

Rose appreciated Sam's effort to chill. "I'll tell you one last thing, and ther let's calm down for now and discuss this later. All right?"

Sam nodded furiously.

"There is a photograph and a ring," Rose said quietly. "Those were the only things of Golda's that Anna ever had - a single ring. Those objects were very dear to Daniel."

"Where are they now, Mom?" Sam asked breathlessly.

Rose grimaced. "Well, I'm embarrassed to tell you that I'm not certain: the items are safe, I do know that much. I kept them in a special little blue shoebox. When we moved out of the appartment, Robert hired professional packers and removers to do all the work, remember? Those folks did a wonderful job, but know I honestly don't know where that blue shoebox is. I do know it's somewhere inside our house. I've meanr ro look for the box a million times, but then I'd get busy and something would come up and I'd get distracted, and..." Rose's voice trailed off.

"So..." Sam tried to be sure she understood correctly. "Somewhere inside our giant house is a little shoebox with our only link to our dad's family?"

Rose nodded. Gingerly, she reached out to her youger daughter, but jumped back when Sam practically exploded.

"This is awesome!" Sam shouted. "I can find it! I can totally find it!"

Before anyone could even try to stop her, Sam was oout of the limo, up the stairs, through the front door, and into her bedroom.

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See No More, el nuevo álbum de Joe Jonas.

Parece ser que nuestro vocalista de "The Jonas Brothers" ha sacado su primer disco solista y, como siempre, ¡suena de maravilla!
Nuestro queridísimo Jonas ha cambiado su estilo a más moderno, dejando el "pop comercial", como dijo él en "Camp Rock". Muchas fans no lo reconocen pero ahora, además de ser guapísimo y estar tremendo, ha sacado su primer single en solitario y, ¡parece que será un  "ZAPATILLAZO"!
Sí, chicas, ya podemos emocionarnos con escuchar el disco entero este verano y por cómo empieza tiene MUY buena pinta. ¿A qué esperáis a pasaros su single al móvil o al iPod?

Aquí os dejo el vídeo de Youtube con mejor calidad de sonido y que, por alguna razón, tiene como última foto una que edité yo y la subí al blog con el título de Joe Jonas 2011. ¿Increíble, verdad?

(Esta es la imágen, por cierto)