viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010


Hey, people in the world.
I came back. You know I didn't put anything the past few days because I have exams and all those silly things. I shouldn't say this because of what teachers might say about this. (Hopefully none of them are going to read this) So, I have an ENTIRE WEEK of exams ¬¬'
Also, I am so busy with the work of the last days of term. I am in a bad situation because some of my friends are going to a disco tomorrow night and I can't go because I have to study. AND I WANT TO GO! You know, the guy I like might go... and I can't just stay still at home studying to death (although I'll have to do that). I am going to try to have some fun while studying. I can do a video of myself studying and then laugh at me. Yes, I'm so stupid I'm sure I'll be doing that. When I study, I do strange movements. Like a move with the hand or the leg. Little things that if you see them you burst out laughing.
Okay, this is enough for today. Might put something tomorrow.
Have a nice day.
BYE ;)!

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