sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Just a story.

Hey, people!
I am really tired because all this week I've been having loads of exams and I'm so extremely surprised I've survived. Well, I suppose this is right. No?
Today, I was watching Titanic with my two best friends in one of my best friend's huge house ¬¬' (rich girl) in her cinema room (just what I said, rich girl¬¬) and I have never seen Titanic before. Although, we didn't get to watch it all :(
I just got half-way through it and then we went to talk to her brother about the guy I have fallen in love with and about the girls he's gone out with (flirty man¬¬').
And I thought that I could go on a web page that has novels people write in spanish, and I've written two. :$ It's a lovely web and they have for every age so it's worth it. Such as metroFLOG, there are people who KNOW how to write, I wrote one there, too. :$$
So, I think that you should read some: http://onlywn.activoforo.com/
It's really worth it, I swear. And I'm not the kind of girl that swears all the time and it's not true. So, I swear that at least one will catch anyone's attention. Especially this one, it made me cry:
The best part it's the end when... (I'm not telling you!) Hahaha, okay. I got excited there.
Hope you have a nice day and have fun this week 8-) (like I say sometimes: tururu)
Hahaha, kisses.
Lots of love.

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