martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Came back.

Hey, people.
Right now, I'm doing some work for my english class. I hate doing this assessments, but it's good for my education. 8) Right.
I wanted to talk about something.
I realised that I have some followers and that people see this blog, but I haven't seen a comment on any of my entries. I suppose this isn't so good but I wanted to make sure someone sees it and reads it. Even if you have to traduce it. 8)
Also, I wanted that in the comments (if you guys put any) to write how you want this blog to be like. I haven't got any inconvenient in deleting everything and restart again.
Although the trueblood clock is staying where it is. Hahaha.
Remember, I am spanish so if you leave a spanish comment I can read it. :)
And maybe french as well, je parler un peut de français. I don't know if I wrote it correctly but, never mind. I think this isn't (as I said before) t so good and popular.
I'll continue with my work for english. ;)
Have fun this week.

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