domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010


Yes, you thought that I left this again. Well, you were wrong. :)
I'm here to talk about something.
You know there's the TV program of the vampire diaries, no? Well, if you can't see it on TV you can watch it in:
It is really good and I love it.

Another thing, did you watch the MTV music awards 2010 in madrid? I was depressed when (I know there's fans of him but I don't like him) Justin Bieber was awarded for Best Male... he won Eminem!! That is totally wrong, I mean... Justin is good (not for me and I'm sorry if I'm offending someone) but Eminem is so much better, in my opinion.
Well, Eminem was awarded later in Hip Hop! :) That's good for me.

Okay, guys, I have to go.
Have fun.

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